Security and CMS

CMS and security: introduction and overview

During the last few months, the news has echoed the latest cyber-attacks, almost always related to large companies and their computer equipment. So much so that the security related to the global world that is the Internet has become a hot topic; although if we analyze this matter with a little depth, the one thing they all have in common is lack of security.

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dedicated server or cloud server

How to choose between a physical Server and a Cloud Server

When choosing a server for the company, many companies are asking for the security of having a physical server in their own facilities. Well, the truth is that in terms of both security and comfort, the Cloud server is much more advantageous. It allows to have the files stored in the cloud, in servers that can be easily accessed, at any time and place.

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Security and passwords

Internet security starts with your passwords

We all know that one person who uses passwords in the style of "123456", "password" or similar, sometimes even ourselves are guilty of such. Have we accepted this to be ok? Well this is a practice more standardized than it seems, is the beginning of the lack of Internet security and a topic that we should not take lightly. Choosing secure passwords helps keep your identity safe on the Internet and that's why we want to give you some guidelines on how to achieve, that your passwords are safe.

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365 º of Microsoft

Microsoft Office 365, 365 º of Microsoft

Everything you need for your business, in the cloud

The old Microsoft Office gives way to its successor, the Office 365, which comes completely renovated and with many improvements, both in use and storage. And, perhaps, the most important thing for many, is that it is no longer necessary to disburse a large amount of money to dispose of it, a fact that led many users to look for other alternatives. Thanks to the cloud, SMEs have access to such solutions.

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O365 + Dropbox

Office 365 + DropBox business together to increase business productivity

Collaborative tools are the best productivity allies

All companies, especially SMEs, need the right tools and communication channels so that workers can connect anytime, anywhere. In addition, to improve productivity is important to reduce time and costs. Collaborative tools such as Dropbox and Office 365 can help them achieve this goal.

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New regulations with the change of domain ownership

Today we bring you very important information for those who have registered one or various domains and want to do an owner change, since ICANN has reported a change that will affect the way it was done so far.

Specifically, this measure affects you if you want to change the name, last name or email of the owner or person who has registered the domain name and the company name . As for the extensions affected would be some of the most used as .com, .net or .org, and other new extensions as .wiki , .audio , .hosting , etc.

If this is your case, you should know that if you request the change of ownership, the domain will be automatically blocked for transfer for up to 60 days, that is, you cannot change providers for up to two months.

The new process is as follows: The first step is that the holder has to request the change. Then, the old and new owner must confirm their agreements with the change. Once the change takes place the domain is blocked for transfer for two months.

This new way to change the ownership of domains will be enforced starting December 1st of 2016.

Please take note of this information if you are thinking of making any owner changes to your domains.

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