Cloud computing

What to expect from a Cloud computing solutions provider

It is our mission to help the consumer with the new information technologies through Cloud consumption models, provide excellent value for your money, custom fit your needs and only pay for what you use.

Three basic requirements:

  • IT Service Providers must be proportional to a business support and billing system that compliments their 1- multiple needs with immediacy.
  • Customer service should send proactive notifications to remind customers about the automatic renewal of their active services, the expiration of credit cards and / or payment methods that prevent automatic renewal of services, the need for additional technical resources, The ability to purchase additional services from your control panel, such as bandwidth, hard disk space, new applications like Office 365 etc..
  • The interface of your control panel is used to specify the resources and service plans that make up the services that are necessary for your business.The limit is imposed by the creativity, not the billing system. Discounts, promotions and campaigns can be integrated very easily and be purchased without the need of intermediaries .

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