Security and passwords

Internet security starts with your passwords

We all know that one person who uses passwords in the style of "123456", "password" or similar, sometimes even ourselves are guilty of such. Have we accepted this to be ok? Well this is a practice more standardized than it seems, is the beginning of the lack of Internet security and a topic that we should not take lightly. Choosing secure passwords helps keep your identity safe on the Internet and that's why we want to give you some guidelines on how to achieve, that your passwords are safe.

1. Choose a Phrase

The idea of starting to get a strong password on the Internet may be the choice of a phrase that we find easy to memorize. From it we will stay with the initial letters of the words that form it, for example: "Today is a good day to have a great day". The password that we would be creating in this case, would be like this: Tiagdthagd

2. Add numbers and special characters

It is best that the password should be contain uppercase letters with lowercase letters and that, in addition, is formed by a minimum of 6 characters. If we add to this numbers and special characters we get a much stronger password: He & ubdptugd # 57

3. Associate it with Internet sites

If we want to use this same password to access different Internet sites, we can do this by including a prefix or suffix in the following way, for example:

  • He&ubdptugd#57FCB for Facebook
  • AMzHe&ubdptugd#57 for Amazon

And now ... to memorize them

We know that complicated passwords are difficult to remember, but we must keep in mind that it is for a good cause, to preserve our identity on the Internet. And yes, the best option is to memorize them because to write them down on the computer or even in a post it, would suppose that anyone could have access to them.

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