SSL certificate on your website

The importance of having an SSL certificate on your website

What is an SSL security certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) web security certificates are an encryption technology used to create a secure connection between a web server and a user's web browser.

SSL certificates are used to protect data transfers, credit card transactions, logins and other personal information of users who visit a website. This is especially important for websites that handle sensitive information from customers and visitors, such as online stores. In addition, this security ensures that visitors stay visiting a website for longer periods of time.

That a company's website has an SSL certificate is essential: it builds trust in its customers while improving search engine rankings, since Google rewards secure websites to the detriment of those that are not.

How to know if a website is safe?

When a website has an SSL certificate installed correctly on the server, a small green icon padlock will appear to the left of the web URL in the browser, and https will appear in green as well.

Google Initiative: HTTPS everywhere

Since August 2014, Google launched its "HTTPS Everywhere Initiative" initiative in an attempt to make the online world a safer place to explore. This initiative was created to alert users if the web they were visiting is HTTPS or not (seen at the beginning of secure URLs) and highlight the importance of online security.

Security has always been a priority for Google and, with this initiative, they also try to prioritize everything else. By using Google services (such as Search, Google Drive or Gmail), users already have access to HTTPS encryption. Beyond that, Google also provides many resources to help prevent and correct security breaches on websites.

One of the biggest changes that Google made with this new initiative is that if a website has an SSL certificate and shows a commitment to online security, it will have a higher position in the search results. Similarly, websites with poor security will be pushed down in Google rankings.

For all this, it is important that your website has the best possible security. Carry the green padlock and https in the URL, it will show visitors that you can trust your website.