dedicated server or cloud server

How to choose between a physical Server and a Cloud Server

When choosing a server for the company, many companies are asking for the security of having a physical server in their own facilities. Well, the truth is that in terms of both security and comfort, the Cloud server is much more advantageous. It allows to have the files stored in the cloud, in servers that can be easily accessed, at any time and place.

What is a physical server?

A physical server is a computer in physical format that can transmit and store all kinds of information. In a company, it is the core of it, since it stores all the information of the different equipment that is in it.

Physical server in the company

Currently, the volume of data that companies must face is increasing exponentially. Thus, having a physical server in the company, requires a large investment in both hardware that is able to store such amount of data, as human capital, which can be responsible for its maintenance.

To this we must add the fact of security. The personnel hired for the maintenance of the physical server, must have a high training and experience to keep it safe from hackers. Keep in mind that the theft of information to companies is the order of the day, so it is a point of great relevance.

Cloud Server

We can define a Cloud server as a virtual machine, a service that through virtualization software allows you to manage a complete server in the cloud. This type of servers are supported by a special infrastructure, in which all the components are virtualized. Thus, if a physical equipment fails, the service continues to function normally, which is a great advantage for customers.

It is the best option available to keep the information safe, even more if you hire Cloud Backup Online, a backup service in the cloud. A 100% recommended option for companies since they work with sensitive information.

Advantages of the Cloud server versus the physical

Betting on a Cloud server, has a large selection of advantages with respect to the physical server for the company, which is worth taking into account.

Choosing a server in the cloud allows you to adjust resources to your specific needs at any time, since the plans are scalable.