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monthly contract

  • SEO on-page maintenance
    (generation, management and adaptation of
    content, adaptation of metatags, etc.)
  • Maintenance SEO off-page
    (linkbuilding or link management strategy)
  • Search engine positioning monitoring
  • SEO positioning evolution report
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monthly contract

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on Page

First, we carry out a basic analysis
of the search engine
positioning of your website.

We will look for errors and problems in the pages of your website and analyze the labeling of the titles

Optimization of application load speed

One of the main aspects when it comes to improving the positioning of your site is to check the speed with which it loads in different devices and with different connections. We make the adjustments so that the load is made as fast as possible.

Detection of duplicate content

Do you want to know if the content of your website is being copied? If so, your positioning is being depleted. We take care of tracking duplicate content and offer you alternatives.

SEO optimization for images

For your positioning to improve your images must be correctly labeled and tell your browser their size. We will search all the images, we will review them, and we will complete the ones with missing attributes.

Keyword analysis

Know what interests and positioning your current keywords have and analyze how the local or global public uses that word to find you or your competitors.

If you think that your project has different,
needs, no problem, contact us and we will make
a proposal to suit you.

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We answer your most frequently asked questions

How do we analyze the loading speed of your website?
There are many tools on the Internet to know how fast your site loads. We use the Google Lighthouse tool. It offers very refined results, such as the charging speed depending on the type of data connection of a mobile (3G, 4G or slow connections). This type of load analysis is very close to real service situations.
What is seo on page?
When we talk about SEO for your site we can differentiate two procedures: SEO off-page refers to what we can do to improve the positioning of our website outside of it while the SEO on Page emphasizes the content of your site, the structure of the same and the labeling.
Can i integrate a form on my web page to increase my list of subscribers?
We have several types of integration. A snipset of code that will allow you to add the form to your website or a QR code to scan with mobile devices.
I think that another website has published the same text as mine.
One of the main problems when it comes to improving SEO on your site is the quality of the content and knowing if someone is copying them. It is a more usual practice than it seems. When another website copies your content it benefits from the SEO that that page has and is able to improve its ranking at your expense. To avoid it, we track your site and make the pertinent comparisons. If we find duplicate content, we advise you to change it.
The alt, width and height attributes in the images of my website how to optimize them?
In addition to using photographs that do not weigh much, making the loading of them faster we must include the attributes alt, width and height in them. This way if we tell the search engine what context the image belongs to, in addition to informing it of the size it has to use when loading them, causing the loading time to be reduced and the speed of your site to increase.

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