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Google Chrome marks as not secure all the webpages without HTTPS alerting visitors that the site is not encrypted and that the information can be stolen by attackers. Now more than ever, it is essential to use HTTPS as a security priority for all web traffic. The most used search engine in Spain intends that all web pages include the HTTPS encryption protocol, the secure version of the Internet protocol, which since 2014 is also an important factor for SEO positioning.

The most used search engine in Spain intends that all web pages include the HTTPS encryption protocol, the secure version of the Internet protocol, which since 2014 is also an important factor for SEO positioning.

HTTPS is designed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data while browsing through websites. The protocol protects information and provides encryption, data integrity and authentication. The HTTPS protocol is obtained by installing an SSL security certificate. In Register we offer you the most popular brands of certificates in the market.

We answer the most frequently asked questions

What is a security certificate?

They are a set of electronic documents issued by a trusted certifying entity capable of guaranteeing the origin of the information. Once installed all the information that is transmitted to and from the Internet server is encrypted, this solves, among other issues, the fear that the numbers and data sent through forms reach other people.

Our digital certificates, assure to the users of your Web that the information and transactions that realize in your site, are credible and safe. However, these digital security solutions tend to be overly expensive and complicated.

For this reason, Register.es has partnered with Geotrust to offer its customers the cheapest and safest security certificates on the market. These Certificates combine the technology of the main certifying organizations with the channel of administration and support of register.es

Why do you need a security certificate?

As you know many websites dedicated to e-commerce are not successful due to the insecurity that potential customers have when entering their payment section.

With the installation of an SSL Certificate, these fears are avoided, since the information travels encrypted (up to 256 bits of encryption) and can not be tampered with, altered or modified by anyone.

What benefits boes ti bring?

Prices: Significantly cheaper than other competitors. Quick installation: Once you complete the installation form, and if the data correspond to the WHOIS of the domain, you will have the certificate in less than 1 working hour.

Scalable to most browsers: You can use it with Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.

Encryption standard: EL highest possible, 256 bit SSL security.

SSL Security Certificates: If you want a security certificate (SSL up to 256 bits, with a key of up to 2048 bits of encryption), please follow this link, and you will get your certificate in less than 1 hour and at an unbeatable price.

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