Website Protection with Sitelock

Do you have a website? Do you know that every hour there are thousands of attacks on web pages?
Sitelock finds and removes malware on your website, neutralizes threats before they reach
your website and detects security breaches and backdoors.

Basic Protection


per month with annual plan

  • Daily malware scan
  • SMART: Malware removal
  • Daily FTP Scanning
  • File change Monitoring
  • Daily analysis against SQL injections, XSS, your web application and SPAM
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2 months free with annual subscription

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Premium Protection


per month with annual plan

  • 24/7 Site Protection
  • WAF: Web application firewall
  • Dynamic CDN: Global Content
    Delivery Network
  • File change Monitoring
  • SQL Injection Scan protection
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2 months free with annual subscription

monthly contract

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annual contract

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Sitelock website protection offers analysis,
protection and extra speed on your website

Daily Analysis and Virus Removal

Sitelock analyzes your site daily for malware, viruses, suspicious code and application vulnerabilities. The SMART tool is able to automatically eliminate these hazards. In addition Sitelock will warn you if it detects that your website has suffered a SQL injection (SQLi) or cross-site scripting (XSS).

From the control panel you can view all the information and solve the problems easily.

Maintenance service

And if you want to allocate the least possible time with the tool, our technical team will receive the notifications for you and will be in charge of the integral management of the website protection service

.You will have a direct telephone and email service with highly qualified technical staff, with a credit of 50 € / month of services during business hours.


The standard techniques of great sites available for your web or Ecommerce. WAF is a firewall for web applications that protects your site from the main threats facing today's applications on the Internet. And with the CDN you have a content distribution network that speeds up your site load for all devices.

Navigation for your users and potential customers is faster and your SEO will improve instantly.

We do it for you

If you want, our team of technicians will take care of the initial configuration and leave everything prepared so that your website can be analyzed and protected automatically.

This configuration is done only once and includes:

  • Customized configuration according to customer´s website

  • Assesment on automatic malware erasers

  • Optimization of the periodicity
    of the analyses

  • Initial set up of email notifications

  • Address and phone number verification

  • Publication of the Sitelock seal
    on the customer´s website

You need more protection: Premium Firewall Protection

Premium Protection Firewall includes all the features of our Basic and Premium plans and also a Firewall for your application. Firewall helps protect your website from malicious traffic and harmful requests for your application.

  • Protect the data of your clients and the
    databases of your Web

  • It prevents the most common attacks like the
    injection of malicious code in your pages

  • Lock and repair weak points of your
    application on the spot


monthly contract

Contact us to learn more about Premium Firewall Protection.

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We answer the most frequently asked questions

If I have an SSL certificate, isn´t that enough?
An SSL certificate secures the information passed back and forth between visitors and your website (i.e. credit card information, login name and password) but your SSL it can't find malware or the vulnerabilities hackers use to break in and do damage. Our website security plans can find the vulnerabilities and malware. In addition, Business, Business Pro and Premium plans eliminate them automatically so they do not have any opportunity to give you problems. If you have an SSL certificate enabled, the scanners from the Starter and Business plans will work perfectly, but the basic firewall and CDN functionality will be neutralized, as SSL will not allow them to do their job. On the contrary, Business Pro and Premium plans are fully compatible with your SSL, so you can count on both security measures simultaneously without limiting any features.
How fast does SMART eliminate malware?
With our PRO and Premium plans, if you activate the "automatic cleaning" in SMART, the repair will be instantaneous. If automatic cleanup is disabled, you have the option to fix what SiteLock finds by clicking a button. You can also clean the site yourself based on the analysis report that you will see on the SMART details screen.
Will SiteLock analyze my database?
No. SiteLock security for websites does not scan the content of your databases.
And if I have antivirus, do I need a SiteLock plan for my website?
Antivirus software protects your computer against malware and viruses, but does not offer protection for your web. Therefore, it also can not detect vulnerabilities or malicious code injected into it, nor inform you if you run any kind of risk.

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And if you want,
we do it for you

  • We do it for you

    If you want, our team of technicians can take care of the initial configuration of the applications and will leave them ready and optimized

  • Application maintenance

    Telephone and email support with highly qualified technical staff specialized in each application

  • Our Professional Services always at your disposal

    Adjustments, changes, personal settings, resolution of errors, etc...

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